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What's Happening: Winnsboro Bible Church

We meet Sunday evenings at 5pm for a shared meal, prayer, Bible teaching, and Communion.

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The Lord's Table is central to worship as the Lord Jesus showed us and provides communion one with each other in Christ and is a means of grace which blesses the Saints.

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Expository Preaching and teaching of the whole Council of God's Word.

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Winnsboro Bible Church

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Winnsboro Bible Church is focused on the Scriptural priorities of cultivating a fervent love of the Lord Jesus and of the Brethren and bearing much fruit as a church family, and as families and individuals.  We seek to live this out and disciple others in experiencing the Risen Christ and the supernatural and victorious Christian life. A key part of that is being saturated in praise and worship of Jesus the Living Word and in the study, preaching and teaching of the whole Counsel of God, the Scriptures, The Written Word. 

We believe in a renewed focus on the discipleship of men, women, children and marriages to align to Scripture and a Kingdom-building mindset and priority. We seek to pursue the Great Commission and place importance on raising up and sending out Godly men.

We seek out, raise up, greatly value, and send out modern men of Issachar who "understand the times and what Israel should do."  

We believe in participatory family worship with a balance of expository and Christ-centered preaching of the whole council of God in Scripture, corporate prayer, the Lord’s Table, and lyrically-rich worship and Creeds.

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"Behold, how they love one another"

Aristides the Athenian

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